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Hours of Operation:

Monday: 11-9
Tuesday: 11-9
Wednesday: 11-9
Thursday: 11-11
Friday: 11-11
Saturday: 11-11
Sunday: 11-8
  • Smoking: wasn't that outlawed?
  • Alcohol: Polish beer, domestics, every vodka ever. Full bar
  • Capacity: Til the walls bust open! Downstairs seats about 80, upstairs can hold almost 80 depending.
  • Dress: Casual
  • Largest Party: Who limits a party?
  • Reservations: Parties 8 or more can call in advance. We'll do our best.
  • Parking: Big & bright parking lot located west of the building. Street parking available as well.
  • Accepts: Cash or check. Atm upstairs
  • locally sourced food percentage: StoresourcesPercentLocal %
  • Good for Kids: Yes
  • Price Range: Under $10
  • Outdoor Seating: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Other: facebook.com/PolishVillageCafe be the first to find out about our new stuff.
Polish Village Cafe Description
Polish Village Cafe 1155720 Polish Food, Detroit Homade Polish Food 2990 Yemans, Hamtramck, Michigan 48212 Visted by President Clinton, and many many other famous celebrities! voted best Polish Food in Detroit by the Detroit News several times. 313-874-5726 Corner of Yemans and Joseph Campau The Polish Village Café is a magical little restaurant decorated in dark woods and festive little Christmas lights. Many consider this to be the best Polish café in town. The food is excellent and also reasonably priced. On the Menu you’ll find many traditional Polish dishes such as kielbasa, pierogi, and stuffed cabbage. Vegetarian items have also been added in recent years. Be sure not to miss the amazing selection of vodkas! And if you’re still not convinced, I offer you these three special words: Dill pickle soup. If you haven’t had it, you simply must. And The Polish Village café is the place to sample the finest around! From the Detroit News-Molly Abraham: "If you happened to run across an old menu from the Polish Village Cafe, say from a dozen years ago or more, you'll find the prices remarkably similar to those on the menu today. The Polish platter -- stuffed cabbage, pierogi, kielbasa, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes with gravy -- was $5.25 in the early '90s. It's now $6.75, and a glass of wine to accompany it is $3, typifying the price structure at this Hamtramck standby. Walk down a few steps from the sidewalk into a quaint vintage rathskeller setting. The little structure with a colorful folk mural painted on the side was built in 1925 as a 31-room hotel with a beer garden in the cellar, for the tradesmen and merchants coming to the city of Hamtramck. The cellar became a restaurant in 1976, and it was known as Zosia's for the head cook who turned out the city chicken, boiled ribs, meatballs and mushroom cutlets. Zosia left, but many of her helpers stayed, and there are still two left who worked with her in the open kitchen in the back of the long, narrow room with a sturdy wood bar with stained glass panels on one side and closely packed tables on the other. The room has a festive feeling, partly because so many of the customers are regulars who know one another and the staff, and also because Carolyn Wietrzykowski, who runs the restaurant along with her father, Ted, decorates for every changing season or holiday. Garden party lanterns bob overhead currently, and Carolyn apologizes that she hasn't gotten around to putting up the autumn trappings. She has been part of the Polish Village since she was a 3-year-old who came with her parents to the restaurant they began running in the early '80s. Now she's the one in charge of the dining room and the busy kitchen, where the cooking is all from scratch just as it has always been. While a couple of cooks can be glimpsed at any time in the kitchen, there are actually 12 on the staff, mashing potatoes and making brown gravy and soups such as the beet or cabbage and potato or the classic czarnina (duck's blood). The menu is familiar to anyone who knows old Hamtramck. Meat or potato-stuffed dumplings (pierogi), potato pancakes, breaded and pan-fried pork chops, and daily specials that stay the same: meatballs with noodles or stuffed green peppers on Monday; boiled chicken on Tuesday; stuffed peppers again on Wednesday; goulash on Thursday; and on Friday, of course, pan-fried pickerel or perch, as well as pork loin with red cabbage. The latter also turns up on Saturday, when there are five specials leading up to Sunday's Warsaw chicken, half a chicken baked in mushrooms and onions. The heaping plates of food are brought to the tables by a friendly, bilingual staff, and while the napkins are paper and there are few frills, this restaurant delivers remarkable value and an atmosphere that recalls earlier times. When I walked in early this week, I thought I had stumbled onto a private party. Happily, it's a party we're all invited to."

Polish Village Cafe, rated 3.9 out of 5, is a fantastic polish, cafe Food in the area around Yemans St and Joseph Campau St, where the average rating for Food Stores as of this Friday is 0.0 out of 5.
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Sent on the 17th of February, 2011
....listen to me, I've been going to Zosia's most of my life...and I'm 58...and no longer live in Michigan ... but I always go back at least a couple of times a year ... if you love excellent, reasonably priced Polish food then don't miss this restaurant ...

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Tips: city chicken and dill pickle soup // polish plate // kielbasa soup //
City Chicken and dill pickle soup is the best // ... order the Polish Plate, but everything on the... // ... soup & kielbasa soup to die for !!!! // Polish plate (polski talerz) for $6.95 is unbeatable. Get it with dill soup and okocim beer! // foursquare.com

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